Parent Council

Our Parent Council

In order to help parents understand more about what goes on in school and also for us to take on board your ideas, we have a Parent Council that meets every half term. This does not take the place of our Governing Body or our Friends group as these two groups are still fulfilling their usual roles. It is for us to share information with you and for us to listen to your ideas about developing our school even further.

Obviously we are keen for every class to have some representation on the Council so we have parent representatives from each class in the school. These are parents who have volunteered to sit on our council. We realise parents may not be able to attend every meeting but hopefully we have enough interested parents to make this council a worthwhile venture.


We produce a regular Parent Council newsletter and also have an agenda and minutes. These are shared with all parents so they are kept up to date with anything we discuss or decide. The council meetings are not a time to share individual concerns about your child as obviously it is important to do this with either your child’s teacher or myself.
Our current members are:

Reception                     Maria Maddocks, Sarah Meade

Year 1                            Sue Doogan, Suzie Golding, Lydia Northall

Year 2                           Vivienne Rees, Suzie Golding

Year 3                          Sue Doogan, Jane Walker, Sarah Meade

Year 4                          Laura Lewthwaite, Helen Goodes

Year 5                           Jo Fletcher

Year 6                          Helen Goodes, Jane Walker

If you have any questions or items that you like would like discussed at Parent Council please see your year group representative (photos of the members are displayed in the Reception class window) or use the Suggestions Box in the school foyer FAO Parent Council.

The agenda for each meeting will be in ‘The Bell’ at least one week prior to the Parent Council meeting.

Parent Council Meeting Minutes – 14.10.16

Parent Council Meeting Minutes – 07.01.17

Newsletter January 2017